Getting your Tattoo Instructions

You have decided to get a Tattoo


Information Is key, knowledge is power, are saying that I feel hold true when it comes to making a life long decision. An informative video put together with professional tattoo artists to help you make the best choice for you.


1. Location Location Location

Choosing an area on your body is critical. Different areas are going to hurt more. Forearms and outer upper arm are some of the less painful areas.

2. Choose your Tattoo

Depending on the location you have selected you can pick the appropriate size and detail. Your tattoo should form to the area that you have selected.

3. Pick your Location

The tattoo parlor should be a comfortable place for you. (see report for selecting a tattoo parlor)

4. Select Your Artist

When you visit the tattoo parlor, you should look at the artist work so that you can find one that does the style you want for your tattoo

Take a seat and receive your tattoo. With all your homework and knowledge that you now have you should have a tattoo that you want and will not regret.

  1. I really like the chart on pain I found that very interesting. I think that it could be a little bit longer, maybe give the time frame your looking at when you do get one. Or even you could give like the healing time with getting one.

  2. Well you have a instruction page straight to the point. I was looking for a little more on the page; either more words or a picture per step. that way you will give a fuller look to your page. I would also like ot see a head paragraph with full synopsis of what is to come then you can repeat that same paragraph at the end to make give a better finish to the page.

    nicely done.


  3. OMG!!! Love the pain chart. Wish I would have had that a few years ago. Also totally digging how you have walked through step by step what to do.

    Now that I have two tatoos (one that I like and one that I loath) I feel like there needs to be just a little more on picking a tatoo. Not just about size and such, but the acutal picking of a tatoo. Do you pick one out there, bring your own picture. ect.

    I like your ending too, finishing it with taking a seat.

  4. Great start! I love how well organized it is, and the feedback you got looks really helpful with ideas on what else to add. I’d also like to see an opening paragraph that eases us into the page a little better. Right now it feels sort of abrupt with the chart and then #1; personally I like having an intro paragraph to tell me more about the instructions I’m about to read. Also, I wonder if the chart should come under the #1 step since that’s what it pertains to. Just an idea. 🙂

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