It’s Coming for You

For many people their biggest fear of whether or not to get a tattoo: is how what a tattoo to pick and how much it hurts.  The Salt Lake International Tattoo Convention is Coming.  The convention will be held in various locations throughout the valley.

At the convention you can enjoy the plethora of activities and artists. You can watch a multitude of artists performing tattoos right before your eyes. You can look at the many options in designs and decide for yourself appropriate placement. To get the desired effect from the tattoo.

There are many contests to showcase the different styles of tattoos. The tattoo contests are throughout the convention and judged by people who are familiar with the industry.  There is a fee to get into the event and if you would like to receive a tattoo while you are there it is recommended that you make an appointment prior to the event.

If you are just curious or looking to get a tattoo yourself, this is a must attend event. View first hand people receiving tattoos. You can decide how much pain it is. You can view the many tattoos and styles available to you can decide what works best for you.

If you would like more information about this convention the website is http://

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