“Live free or die”

“Meghan McCain loves New Hampshire so much that she has vowed to tattoo Live Free or Die on her body if her dad wins the election.”

Is this a smart move a good way to show support to her father?

Is this what her dad would really want?

I do not believe that this is a good reason to get this tattoo. If she has decided to get the tattoo for the memory of the race being victorious  then that is a whole other story. I believe that as long as there is personal reason behind any tattoo than every tattoo idea is a good one. If you go out for breakfast every morning with a loved one and you want to remember that part of you life then to me it is not silly to get a tattoo of bacon and eggs on you. If you just are trying to stand out or have a crazy mood swing now might not be the time to make a life long decision.

Some people have the personality to support a random tattoo of bacon and eggs or even a salt and pepper shaker. There are many people who will even get tattoos of their vices, such as alcohol, cigarettes, cigars, even marijuana leafs.

Smart or not I think that the main reason for regretting a tattoo is that it does not really mark a point or a memory in your life. If you get a tattoo it should be for you. It does not have to be something that you will love your whole life, but it should signify a point in your life, something that means something to you.

Unknown author (2008) Meghan McCain —  A Tattoo for my Daddy. retrieved from http://www.momlogic.com/2008/10/a_tattoo_for_my_daddy.php

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