Love You, Love You Not

There are many different types of tattoos out there. Each tattoo can mean many different things. Choosing to put a current lovers name on your body can prove to be a big mistake. Sure you are deeply and madly in love right now. Tattoo ink lasts forever your relationship may not. A tattoo is not like a shirt that you can take off when you are done wearing it. Valentines Day seems to be the biggest day to make this mistake.

Getting a tattoo with a lovers name is even a bigger commitment than getting married. You can never divorce a tattoo. You could have a terrible breakup, and your new lover gets to be reminded of the love that you once shared with someone else. Most cover ups are to hide a previous lovers name. Just because you hide it does not mean that it is not still there. Your coverup can still serve as a constant reminder of what was once there. Laser removal can also leave scarring, another reminder of the choice that you once made. Can you imagine sitting in a tattoo artists chair with your current lover waiting and tapping their foot. Anxiously waiting for your previous lover to be wiped off of your skin.

Getting a memorial for someone who has passed, I feel is a safer bet. Your feelings are not as likely to change over time. Getting a tribute to your children, can be a nice. Depending on circumstances you will always love them. I believe these types of tattoos to be a safer bet. Than a tattoo of a current lover that could very well turn out to be an ex-lover.

As with any tattoo the choice is yours. I am only suggesting that you think about the possible consequences, before you are married for life to your tattoo.

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