Julie’s Grammer

Completed for my english class

Semicolons are awesome because they allow you to place more emotion and understanding on what you are saying. When a semicolon is used in a text message it makes a wink face. Allowing you to emphasize your meaning for the reader to feel the emotion of your text.

There are many risks associated with tattooing; allergies to tattoo ink is not uncommon.

Colons are used to hook a complete sentence with other information. Colons are awesome because they allow you to have a family. You take the independent parent and then list all the children after the colon.

There are various ways to get a tattoo removed: laser removal, intense pulsed light therapy, and creams

Em dash is cool because it allows you to take the reader on a trip and emphasize that their mind is about to be expanded.

People often create a meaning about why they are getting their tattoo—some just pick random wall art.

Parentheses are cool because they allow you to give a little more information to a sentence. Parentheses allow you to show a little more emotion, to make a smile or frown, when used in text messages.

Tattoo’s are often used as a form of self-expression (good or bad).

Commas with additional clauses are cool because they allow you to add more information to a thought with out you making a whole sentence.

It may take years to design your perfect tattoo, but it is permanently on you.

Commas with parenthetical elements is great because, they allow you start a sentence and the change your mind to give the other side of the story.

Common healing time for a tattoo is about three weeks, however, it may take longer without good health.

Comas are great with a series because, they allow you to ramble on and on.

There are some new different types of tattoos: hair tattoo, accessories tattoo, inside lip tattoo, tattooing of animals, fluorescent ink tattoo, teeth tattoo, tongue tattoo, eyeball tattoo, and palate tattoo.

Comma with quotation marks is cool because they allow you to give credit where credit is due. If you use a whole sentence. If you are only using a few words no comma is needed. A comma tells the reader pause, now look at this.

Cover-ups can be used to hide unwanted tattoos according to Ben, “Cover-ups are used frequently.”

Quotation marks are great because they help you stay honest and give credit to whoever expressed those words.

There are some great statistics about tattoos in “Tattooing and Body Piercing” about teens and tattoos.

Apostrophes are great because they allow you to show owner ship, and they help shorten words so you do not have to type as much.

I don’t see a tattoo in the recent future for me.

Ellipses are nice because they allow you cut out any extra information that is not needed. Ellipses are also great when you are telling a joke or a story allows a pause for tension and  excitement.

A tattoo artist needs a sense of humor, “What did the five fingers say to the face? . . . Slap, (as he jokingly slapped his co-worker)!

Brackets are used to clarify a sentence to assist with understanding.

Tattoos can be enjoyable, Ben [tattoo artist] has them almost all over his body.

I am most familiar with title case and proper nouns, but there seems to be some silly words that are prepositions and conjunctions that don’t seem to get the honor of being capitols.

There are many types of art forms out there, Ben is a fan of most mediums.

Italics are used to show a larger work such as a movie or book, but you would put the chapter in quotes. Italics can also be used to show sound.

The complete idiots guide to getting a tattoo is a great book to reference.

Fragments are nice, they add tone and personality to a sentence.

Are tattoos addicting? Just like chocolate.

Comma Splices help bring things together. They help bring a sentence together so that it can be easier to understand.

Tattoo is art, it is art you wear.

Hyphens help put words together when describing something or push them apart.

Most tattoo artists don’t mind a little redraw, but a total redo due to a last-second change of mind is frustrating.

En dashes are good to have they emphasize, but not as much as an Em dash. They are great at sating you start with this number and I cover everything in the middle until the end.

Most tattoo sessions are 1-3 hours anything over that and the pain becomes to great for most.

Numbers have some rules, but it depends greatly on the style and emphasis that you want them to have. Always spell out a number if it is the beginning of a sentence.

One in four people have a tattoo; between the ages of eighteen and fifty years old.

Abbreviations are great to cut down on time and space when writing.

LBT were popular for a few years, but seem to be losing their popularity.

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