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When deciding whether or not to get a tattoo there are many things that need to be taken into account. Modifying your body lasts a life time and can be painful. Considering all possible alternatives and options before making a life long decision, is always a good idea.


Dancer Without  A Tattoo

This is an interview with a friend that is not afraid to do what she thinks and act on how she feels, yet she has chosen not to indulge in body modification with a tattoo.

My name is Katherine but I go by (Kat), I am currently a bartender. I am also a licensed attorney who specialized in corporate transactions. I also run a summer academic program company on the east coast. I am originally from Salt Lake City, I attended the University of New Mexico for my undergrad degrees and the New England School of Law for my JD. I have chosen not to have tattoos because I grew up dancing and continued to teach dance until about a year ago. The dance industry will eliminate you from jobs if you have noticeable markings. I personally really like tattoos. I think tattooing is quite an art form. I do however think that sometimes people may go too far with where they place them. I perhaps would get a small tattoo….. If I ever got a tattoo.  The tattoo I would choose to have would be something small that could be easily covered, as not to interfere with my current job. I absolutely think tattoo’s can interfere with jobs. A tattoo does not say professional, especially when tattoos are conspicuous and may have a connotation that promote things most of the population would not agree with. I have had henna tattoos in the past, I would consider them again. I think temporary tattoos are pretty harmless for kids. It’s the same as anything else the parent must take an active role and promote a healthy lifestyle for the kids by explaining the pros and cons, as well as it’s an adult decision.

Tattoo Artist

 My name is Ben, I have been a tattoo artist for just about two years. I am a father of a 14 month old boy, married September of 2010. I love tattoos, play in 3 bands, Art in all forms and types of art mediums. I not only tattoo; but paint with water-color, oils, acrylic, and even spray paint, art is a passion of mine. I like to be in motion and have things in my life moving. I got my first tattoo when I was seventeen years old, it was a jester with initials. I enjoy doing all types of tattoos. I prefer the original kind. I really enjoy drawing snails so if there is a snail it makes it more enjoyable for me. I do not believe that a tattoo is addictive, but the endorphins that are released while getting a tattoo could be considered addictive. I have done many cover up’s. Most cover ups are initials or names. If you are looking at getting a tattoo one of the many things you need to consider is size. Size matters when it comes to detail, the more detail that you want the bigger it should be. Try to be open to suggestions I have been doing this for a while and I have seen what works great and what really does not work. When looking to choose a place [tattoo parlor] to get your tattoo it is recommended that you talk around with people who you know have tattoos. If they had a pleasant experience chances are you will to. When you enter the parlor, look around for general cleanliness, the health department does inspect and that sign should be posted. When it comes to after care, you need to listen to the artist. The techniques can vary from artist to artist so listen to the artist that you trusted to give you the tattoo, not your friends. The average healing time for a tattoo is two to three weeks.




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    • Logan Hansen
    • February 15th, 2011


    This was a interesting interview that i read. it is a comparison of two people and why they want to get or abstain from tattoos.

    I have to say that I liked the synopsis at the beginning of the paper it got me ready for what was up ahead. also the the comparison idea that you have is a nice touch.

    In the interviews you used the word I so many times that i felt you were trying to write about me. so give the two individuals a name. Also the structure is very choppy mainly facts about the two individuals, so try to make a narrative about each one and break up the paragraphs so that page looks more appealing to read. I notice that you only have a picture of a tattooed man yet this is a comparison page about tattoos or no tattoos so I would include a picture of a Dancer (since that is who you are talking about) that has no tattoos as a comparison of pictures that would also enlighten the reader of what you are trying to portary with the paper. Furnishing a title would give the reader the knowledge of what is going on in the paragraphes to come.
    Just keep in mind what you want the reader to understand and turn the interview into a narrative profile, this will make your page more interesting and more appealing.

  1. I like how you start out the page with how tatoos are a life long decision.

    Great use of a first interview as someone who does not have tatoos. A professional who likes them but doesn’t have them. Gives perspective that not everyone who has them likes them, or visa versa.

    I would like to see more pictures. Maybe try some bold quotes in the middle of the paragraphs to break them up.

  2. Great start! It sounds like you’re hoping to show readers both sides of the issue by getting perspectives from someone with lots of tattoos and someone with none. It comes across as nicely balanced in that respect, though since both profiles are in favor of tattoos it still has that bias—which is fine so long as you’re aware of it. I think it works since the dancer gives reasons not to get tattoos even though she likes them in general.

    What’s definitely working well is hearing from each person directly. I like the tone they each portray simply by telling about themselves and describing how tattooing affects their lifestyle choices. It’s interesting that you chose to leave it in first person rather than telling about them in your own words, and I think in this case it’s good.

    To make the page even better, the first suggestion I have is to clean up the introduction so that there’s a definite break and a subtitle before you jump into the dancer’s perspective. I felt very confused there because I couldn’t tell where you stopped narrating and she began. In fact, I thinking the page could use a few other formatting changes, such as placing the photo next to the text instead of under it, making the headings larger and of a different color, and maybe placing that opening part inside a block quotation so that it stands out like a pull quote. I can help you with all of that in the computer lab if you’re struggling with the software. Let me know! 🙂

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