Discrimination Position Paper

Discrimination Due to Tattoos

There are many benefits to a company allowing people who have visible tattoos work for them. If the tattoo fits the personality it can cause a memorable great impression for customers. By allowing visible tattoos a company can attract a younger work force. Hiring people with tattoos shows diversity, open to new and innovative ideas. Having a tattoo no longer symbolizes someone who is rebellious or gang affiliated.

If a tattoo fits a personality, when a customer comes to your place of business it gives them a way to remember you. According to Reardon, “When people meet someone with a visible tattoos many people want to ask about it or even touch it (as creepy as that may sound).” Having an employee with a memorable personality and tattoo can bring repeat customers. Mike Tyson has a facial tattoo that helps make him memorable, people may not remember what the tattoo is, but they remember that he has one.Mike Tyson Facial Tattoo

By allowing people with visible tattoo you are more likely to attract a younger crowd.  According to Paul Forster, “For some companies , allowing body are can be a boon [something to be thankful for; blessing; benefit.] – it attracts young workers that may not feel welcome in more conservative environments. Forster allows body art in the office, and about a quarter of his 25 employees have it.” Froster has a communications company. According to Sever, “The highest incidence of tattoos among Americans is ages 25 to 29 years. (36%).”

When you hire someone young and build a sence of comradery they are more likely to stay. According to Kilgannon, “Having multiple people with tattoos also builds a sence of belonging.”  When these people who often already feel like outcasats are put together this will likely decreases turn over and the cost of training new employees. This puts money back into the pockets of the employer. According to Winkler, “The average training cost of a new employee is approximately 1/3 their annual salary.”

An  employer that is willing to employ people with visible tattoos shows that they are willing to try new things, that they are innovative and not afraid to try new and different things. hiring people with visible tattoos can  increases confidence with the public that you are a stable and not afraid to take action {keeping up with times}. According to Sawyer, “The armed forces even allow visible tattoos to an extent.”

According to Darsow, “Having a tattoo no longer symbolizes that you are gang affiliated of even a societal rebel.” There are many people in many fields that have tattoos.  Protect and stand up for your 14th amendment. Everyone has the right to be free from discrimination. Adding some color and art to your skin, should not cause you to be discriminated against.


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  1. In one of the paragraphs you reference the public may view tattoos as bad (I paraphrase). I think there may need to be a concession or a statement that not only do employers need to change their view but so does the public.

    A graph or something to break it up would be good too, like a graph showing the number of people in a certain age group with tats. You know tapping into the younger generations workskills by relaxing the tattoo policy.

  2. Is this a postition paper or a proposal paper? I’m not really sure what your take on this topic is if it’s a position paper. You talked mostly about dress codes, and how people get discriminated against if they’re sporting a tattoo. So if this is a position paper, what are you saying? That we should not judge someone based on the fact that they have tattoos? And if this is a position paper, then what are your arguments? Show different sides of this issue. This sounded more like a report than a proposal/position paper.

  3. Well this is a one sided position paper there is little to no reasons for the opposing side of the argument.
    there are some typos and a few sentences that make little to no sence. give both sides of the issue why we should be allowed and why we should not be allowed. that will give more to the page and make it sound more of a position and not a rant or rave about tattoos in the work place.
    add more stories and concrete aspects to the page to give body and always make a bold stand in the last paragraph. make it sound as if this is your lifes work and the world needs to hear it.

  4. State how being individualistic is beatifically to the certain job, intro would be more awesome if there was some emotion to it to bring the story in.
    What company does foster own?

    • I think you did awesome. I really like how you used some of the benefits for having tattoos what are the advantages. Maybe have a few more on the concession that tattoos may have that connotation and understanding tattoos before judging them can be your rebuttal.

  5. Great ideas from your group so far, and great start for this page! I especially like where you talk about how having employees with tattoos can also benefit an employer, like by appealing to a more youthful generation. The point about an appealing tattoo making the person more memorable is also great, though I think you should direct it toward the employer and how it makes the employee more memorable to customers and therefore also makes the business more memorable.

    In fact, my main suggestion is that you need to focus on employers. In a couple places you start to talk to people who have tattoos or might be thinking about getting them. I think you’ve already addressed them on other pages and focusing on employers here seems like it would work better. At the top where you say that workplaces should stop discriminating, give them three really good reasons why they shouldn’t—reasons that will appeal to employers, for example your point about attracting youthful employees or about tattoos standing out in a good way and being memorable. Then, give even more evidence in each section for each reason, like tell me a story about a particular employee who had a certain tattoo that matched perfectly with his personality and with his job and describe how his employer felt about it.

    Again, I like what you’ve got here! Now it’s just a matter of organizing it even more and adding additional evidence. 🙂

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