Alex’s Grammar


I like the use of semicolons because there is almost an anticipation on what comes after the punctuation. The sentences may be linked with rhetoric, but the ideas are very close to each other.

Your art and your clothes are an expression of yourself; tattoos are art that you wear permanently.


Colons are the list that drives the independent clause. It gives it the details or answers that you want, when you need to elaborate on the subject.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to tattoos: only the criminal or dysfunctional get them, a sign of rebellion, or they are to show disrespect.


Almost like colons they give you the feeling of anticipation, wanting to know more. With em dashes i see them as more of a stronger punctuation for that you can see them when you just glance at the page. The interruption or extra information that is added give it the humor or knowledge to the reader and also showing the voice of the writing

Tattoos are an extremely painful process — definitely not licked on by kittens — that leave you wanting more.


Parenthesis are hints, whispers, and just that little bit of information. It helps to identify in your sentence what you are talking about in more detail.

Tattoos lets people see a little about who you are (religious, humorous, or romantic).

COMMAS with additional clauses

Having a dependent clause followed by an independent clause may need a comma, to slow the reader down. Once the reader has the pace of the reading they can then analyze it.

A close friend wants a tattoo of a leaf. He explains it as we all have our own paths in life, but will always know where our roots are with family bonds and brothers.

COMMAS with parenthetical elements

Commas used in this format is the middle, the understanding, that doesn’t want to be understated or over emphasized.

Searching for what you exactly want on tattoos, with Google and Bing, is nearly impossible.

COMMAS with a series

Sentences used with a series gives you so many options. Placing nothing but commas put a huge list of description on one item. Using multiple and’s give you sense like someone is telling you the list and just before you finish you happen to remember another good word.

I have never found tattoos, so fitting, so spontaneous, so clever, so amazing as i did on her.

COMMAS with quotation marks

Quotations are the voice of someone else that you can use to help explain, bring in a personal voice, or just to add to the writing. When you add the comma you have to pay particular attention to when the tag is being place, it introduces and state where to quote is. If it the quote is towards the end the comma will be after the tag then the quote starts.

Recently at the tattoo convention, i meet the coolest, most tatted people. I was also shown to the convention maker by someone saying, “it’s that guy over there, the guy with the tattoos.”


Quotations are used in many different ways: to insert the speech of the speaker, a quote, or citations and titles within large pieces. The hard part is trying to figure out how you are going to insert the text so the sentence makes sense.

A good reading about tattoo addiction is “Tattoos Are Like Potato Chips… You Can’t Have Just One: The Process of Becoming and Being a Collector” by Erich Goode in Extreme Deviance.


Apostrophes are used in the sense to show procession rather than pleural or to show both possessive plural, it just depends where you place the punctuation. If it is an acronym or abbreviation it’s so it doesn’t get confuses that it is plural not possessive i.e. bi’s and tri’s or pj’s.

I want a huge tattoo to cover both my bi’s and tri’s.


Ellipsis are the punctuation that you see with three spaced dots. They are used to create hesitation, and if placed in a quote they are call omission, leaving only what is meaningful.

In explaining the different types of tattoos, Chris Miller wrote, “Neotraditional takes the imagery and aesthetic ideas of Traditional tattooing . . . and pop-culture sass . . .”


Brackets like parentheses are a chance for you to add a little something. Where as parentheses are the hint or f.y.i., brackets are ment to go in because it needs help to clarify.

Getting inked [tattooed] isn’t just something simple, it is it’s own culture.


Capitol letters tells you the titles and names of things that would other wise may not stand out. Especially the names other than being in relationship to.

Many of my quotes and information may come from my reading, “Tattoo Tales” A book by Sailor Jerry.


Italics pull out the words in sentence that may be other wised confused: ideas, foreign words, or sounds.

After my appointment I couldn’t get the needles buzz out of my thoughts.


Fragments are used to give emphasis if the chunk of the sentence you intend to make stand out. Bringing maybe the emotion you want to the sentence.

Tattoos are being said as one of the most painful experiences one could endure? Least for most people.


Comma splices are used to know there is separation needed so you the sentence are not just a continuous run-on. Yet they bring the clauses that are used together base on one subject or thought, or even leading from a beginning to an end.

Sitting through the pain, enduring the healing effects, and you decide to go through it all over again.


Hyphens are weird because they are used to serve two opposites ways to write it. One way is to bring closeness and unity to words so that it is more clearly understandable. Where as the other way is to create separation so that they have more of a strength to the single word.

I made my appointment with a double-zero fully tattooed bearded man-beast.


En dashes are the middle between em dashes and the hyphens, they are just there enough to show there is a relations ship so that it is not lost.

At the Salt Lake Tattoo convention there was 30-35 different booths showing the art expanding from all different parts of the world.


Numbers are used very often and it depends on the style or the formality of your writing; Whether it should just be written out like 625 or six hundred twenty-five.

Numbers can signify many things when it comes to tattoo. It could be an important date, birth or death of a loved one put into roman numerals. “RIP Grammy 2011 April 1,” is written as MMXIIVI.


Abbreviations is a good way to take something that could be just so long to say, or something you don’t want to say anymore and break it down into just letters that would signify what it is. You just need to make sure that if you do it that you follow how the source writes it.

Military men have a great sense of pride, patriotism, and honor to always place something that has the connotation of the U.S. Military.

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