Bubble Gum Tattoos

First thought is the tattoos that come out of the fifty cent machines at restaurants or those awesome Zebra Stripe gum with tattoos on the wrappers, back in the day. I remember just opening one after another; open-gum-mouth-lick tattoo-stick tattoo and repeat.

Gatorade Tattoos

As I was looking for what had happened to that childhood memory, I realized the change in temporary tattoos. With the help of the internet, that facet of the market has bloomed. Mass production of these custom tattoos can be used to market events or companies. This is apparent in the Volleyball event in the 2008 Summer Olympics. There is no place to really put the advertisements on the tiny “uniforms” so what better way than to place them on the body.

Not only is it effective to get your name out there as mobile advertisement, but what if you had a design for a tattoo? You are unsure about the placement or will really look good on me or you want to see how people react first. Well these websites will let you custom make your tattoo and you can do whatever you want with them. However, I have yet to find a custom temporary tattoo site that will let you order just one or two.  So if you are going to try it out, you have to order in bulk.

Unicorn party Tattoo

Well maybe there is a need for the market to have a person upload their design, create the single temporary tattoo and have them try it out. But for right now it will just have to stick to party favors and advertisements.

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