My Next Go

Some say it is an addiction. My first tattoo was so painful (it was on my chest).  Not only was physically tired, but I was mentally drained. I don’t know what would inspire me to get another one.,I plan on getting a lower back piece, yes a “tramp stamp”. It is to express my humor and my childness. In our posts we talk about the need to think as much as you can about what you want tattooed. The things you place on your body is permanent, and that is why i want this one.

Many of us are familiar with the placement of a weapon tucked into the back of the pants; by a gangster or hooligan. I plan on doing something to that. Instead of a gun I want to do a Super Soaker looking like it is tucked into my pants. Above that i want the words “THUG LIFE”, but in computer font (old mac font from the 1996). When we think of Super Soakers we have nothing but memories of hot summer days and carefree fun. That is what im trying to express with that image and along with “THUG LIFE”, it is meant to be funny and hopefully get a laugh.

It sounds silly, i know. Life with humor is important to me and i hope people understand why i chose that as my next one. What do you think about it?

Feb 7, 2011

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