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On one drunken Austin, Texas afternoon; there was a group of friends looking for a great time. The South by South West convention is in occurrence which happens to be one of the largest music, film, and interactive festivals. After getting some good brunch and Bloody Mary’s; a vigorous conversation ensued between our friend-a heavily tattooed Indie boy  from Phili- and a tattoo artist that works just down the street on break getting a few drinks also.

They tell jokes and past stories. One story we decide to try ourselves, being such a momentous occasion (we are just slightly inebriated). We were to put silly suggestions in a hat: banana, boat, clams, lamp, boxers and pull two of them out and get whatever it said on the paper tattooed. The thought that it’s free makes and that we were to choose our own “fate” I had no part of this or I would have ended up like my friend. Who now has a tattoo on his bicep of a pink flamingo wearing a sombrero, which I think he lucked out on.

He might look back at that tattoo, tell the story, and will love the memories it brings. What if it doesn’t what are the step he can go about to remove it.

A few things you need to know before you start with the tattoo removal procedure.

How the laser gets the ink out

The Laser is attracted to Clormafor ( A color molecule). Laser gets to the ink and makes a controlled injury. The ink will explode which is directed at a certain spot and your lymphatic system will address the injury as an infection and naturally gather it up to process through you body.

There are certain colors that are very difficult to remove due to the small amount of Clormafor in the ink because of the amount of pigment in them: white is nearly impossible, yellow, pink, orange, light purple, and lime green. Blue, purple, and red shades are easily remove. Colors that tend to be the easiest to remove is black, brown, dark blues and dark green

May take up to 8 sessions (depends on the age of the tattoo is, more faded more easier to remove.

Before and After Care

NO excessive sunlight or tanning, saunas and steam rooms are a no go, no skin care products especially anything that contains Acutain or any type of Retnoids, and no harsh chemicals; all a week prior.

Do not over expose to sunlight, keep skin hydrated with Neosporin, no picking at the tissue treated with the laser it will scar. Bandaged for a week so it doesn’t rub and you stay off of it. , more hydrated better for healing process.

Once you have completed your first time you have to wait 4-6 weeks next appt can start. –photo for skin clear


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